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We are an authorized dealer and install center for these fantastic products:

Aces, Blackhawk, BLR, Catto Propeller, Commuter Air Technology, MT-Propeller and Raisbeck Engineering

We will provide sales, leasing, exchange and rental options to service your aviation needs. Our extensive maintenance experience is also available to overhaul and repair your propellers and components.

Sales & Leasing

sales and lease

Prior to purchasing, everyone should consider and review the leasing option… there are many benefits! 

Engage us early in the process because we can provide many value-added services that will make the selection/engineering, ordering and up-fitting and delivery processes easier.  We can provide a total cost of ownership modeling to help you select the best OEM/STC for your specific aircraft.  In addition, we have tools to help you model the benefits associated with leasing and build a business case that you can use to obtain senior management approval.




Overhauls, Exchanges, Rentals we do it all !!

Every aircraft operator needs a service provider with a network and team capable and willing to go above and beyond to keep them flying. AMK is that provider!  Give us a try and you won’t be disappointed.

For immediate AOG Support, call (807) 623-4020.




Need an aircraft, component or part?  If we don’t have it we’ll get it for you!

We are also always interested in purchasing various aircraft, components, parts and perhaps an entire inventory.  Let us know more about what you have to offer.



AMK is committed to being the leader in aviation business services by providing our customers and employees exceptional quality, uncompromised safety and unparalleled customer service.

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We will deliver on our promises.

Keeping You In The Air

Selling Your Aircraft or Inventory…

If you are looking to sell your aircraft or component and parts inventory, we are interested! Provide us with all the related details and we’ll get back to you. Many may say it but we WILL respond to your request in a timely manner!