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MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH was founded in 1981 with headquarters in Atting, Germany. They are well known in the world of general aviation as the leading manufacturer of natural composite propellers for single and twin engine aircraft, airships, wind tunnels and other special applications.

commouter air technology

CAT developed its reputation for high-quality enhancements to the King Air family of aircraft, including modifications that increase rate of climb, cruise speed and payload, while decreasing fuel burn.

raisback engineering

Raisbeck provides performance systems for the entire King Air series.


Blackhawk Modifications, worldwide leader in performance and PT6A engine upgrades for turboprop aircrafts primarily focused on King Air series, Caravan, Conquest and Cheyenne aircrafts.

BLR Performance Innovation

As a trusted technology partner to OEMs and the aftermarket, BLR Aerospace exclusively develops products of the highest technical caliber and they only put their name on products that deliver a true and quantifiable step change in performance.

Founded in 1992, BLR has a rich heritage and proud legacy of aerodynamic leadership that dates back to their origin as Boundary Layer Research. Though their team and capabilities have grown, their guiding philosophy and emphasis on technical excellence have remained constant.

Highlights of BLR’s experience, capabilities and achievements include: 6 Airflow Modification Patents, 100+ Supplemental Type Certificate approvals, 25+ Years of flight test and certification experience and 6,000+ BLR products installed on helicopters and airplanes worldwide.

BLR continues to solve the problems that matter most to the aviation community by engineering, certifying, manufacturing and marketing aerodynamic systems that enhance the productivity, performance and safety of airplanes and helicopters.

Catto Propellers

Catto Propellers is a progressive leader in propeller technology. With more than six world records set in speed, time to climb, altitude and short field takeoff, Catto Propellers offers an array of modern specialized propellers for experimental aircraft.

ACES Systems

ACES kits and analyzers combine cutting-edge engineering and manufacturing. For that, they are valued by aviation teams all over the world. Their commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and military spec test kits are fast, accurate, and user-friendly. Over 1,000 ACES units are used today by the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, with another 4,500 kits installed internationally. That’s because these products allow maintenance crews and technicians to get clear-cut data at striking speeds. They deliver unbeatable capability with precise insight into aircraft systems performance and repair needs.

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